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Here's How to Get Inspired & Win Free Photography Prizes

Inspiration can strike a photographer at any moment. You may be taking a short walk through the neighborhood, only to find the sunlight shining down on a picturesque scene of children playing in the streets, compelling you to capture the scene of youthful gaiety. Or you could be strolling through the city and your eye is ensnared by a piece of street art missed by most, but easily put into focus with your camera’s zoom lens. Maybe you’re just at home, enjoying some much-needed solitude, only to find you’re not alone; a tiny spider is stringing itself down from the ceiling and you simply need to document this moment of nature’s subtle grace. Such moments of photographic inspiration come in many forms, and now you can share yours with the world.

A call to any and all photographers has been made by Henry’s, Canada’s premiere vendor (and expert) on all forms of digital photography, to share a particularly inspired photo with the world as part of the #InspiredByHenrys contest. Photographers can’t help but snap photos of scenes, objects, and persons that inspire them, so the task is pretty easy to accomplish. All it takes to enter the #InspiredByHenry’s contest is to take your inspired moment one step further, unveiling your photo to the world and sharing what piques your creativity.

The contest-process (how to share your photos) couldn’t be easier either. Once you have a picture in mind (and again, the image could be of anything so long as it’s your original work) simply head to Henry’s Facebook contest page, enter your name, post the photos with a title, and you’re done. Others have already entered, so to see what kind of photos have already been shared (and to check out the competition) head to the #InspiredByHenrys page here.

Anyone who’s snapping photos on the go can easily enter the contest too, without having to fill out the short Facebook info form. Take your photo, then when you’re going to share it on Instagram or Twitter (as you always do anyway) just use the #InspiredByHenrys hashtag and you’ll automatically be in the running.

If you’re more of a videographer than a photographer, you can still take part in the #InspiredByHenrys contest. In fact, an entire section of the contest is devoted to videos of inspired moments, with different prizes and everything. To enter, follow the same process as you would if you had a photo, so go over to the #InspiredByHenrys contest page, fill out your info, and include the URL of your video. Note that your video will need to be hosted on another site (YouTube is the easiest) to get a URL, so there is an extra step involved.

But what’s in it for you other than sharing your work with the world? Well, the winning photographer of the #InspiredByHenry’s contest will win a $1000 Nikon shopping spree, which you can spend on any of Henry’s digital cameras or gear. The winning video will also acquire an entire GoPro prize pack, including a GoPro HERO4 and tripod, among many other items, altogether worth over $750.

The #InspiredByHenry’s contest runs all throughout May, ending on the last day of the month. You’ll be able to enter photos and videos anytime until then. Now go get inspired!

Featured image courtesy of: Khánh Hmoong

Different Formats For Television BroadcastingMovavi has been developing the video processing software for years now. It is one of the most trusted programs that guarantees good quality software and safety of payments on their website.

We all are aware that in different countries there is a different standard of analog television encoding. So if you want people from outside your country or in simpler words from overseas to watch your video you might have to do a little conversion. Say that you are a resident of the US and you record a video there using an NTSC recorder or camera. Now if you wish people in Australia, Europe to watch it, there might be a problem. They will be most likely won’t be able to watch the video on their VCRs.

NTSC or National Television system Committee is a color television standard for the United States, Canada, Japan, and the other countries of North and South of America and Asia. So the problem of people other than these places to not watch is also partly true for digital video. The DVD players that do not support that format might not be able to play the videos. The other widely used format is PAL or Phase Alternating Line. It is a format that is generally used in European and Asian countries. Almost the whole of Western Europe, Australia and some African countries, Asia and Southern America use this particular format.

To solve and fix the problem of varied formats and their incompatibility in the different countries, you shall need a software that will let you do conversion both ways. Movavi video converter has just what you need. It shall let you change the two formats between each other. You can choose the DVD-compatible video category from the Convert list once you have imported the file that you want to convert. You will see that there are presets available for PAL or NTSC from where you can choose. For detailed idea on this converter you can read www.movavi.com/support/how-to/how-to-convert-pal-to-ntsc.html.

If you wish to burn the file that you have converted immediately you can do it in Movavi itself. Once, you use the Movavi video converter you will realize how simply you can make, convert and even burn videos at one go.

A new format has also been introduced which goes by the name SECAM or sequential couleur avec memoire. It is French for Sequential color with memory. France had introduced it and now most of the countries such as Eastern Europe, Asian and even some African countries have started broadcasting through this format. Some countries even broadcast in two formats.

There was once a time when the only occasion you’d spot a helmet camera was on one of those David Attenborough-esque documentaries, which were trying to highlight something so specific that it was impossible to track via your standard equipment.

However, these cameras have developed significantly over the years and while we don’t have any statistics to hand, the automobile industry is now seemingly one of the biggest target markets for a lot of the manufacturers involved in producing this equipment.

As we’ll now decipher, there are a whole host of reasons why this is proving to be the case. The remainder of this guest contribution will now cipher through some of the main factors which are making helmet cameras the must-have item for the motorbike enthusiast.

Benefit #1 – The Video Blogging Potential

There was once a time where helmet cameras were simply used for one’s own bragging potential; i.e., you could take your bike to the middle of nowhere and film any exploits that you may get up to, before showcasing it to anyone who wanted to watch.

Nowadays, the situation has developed even more. Enthusiasts aren’t only showing a small group of friends, but they are potentially portraying it to the world and you only need to take a look at the best vlogs in the industry to realise this. This in itself has increased the popularity of helmet cameras, with some users having millions of views every month on their first-person motorbike videos.

Benefit #2 – Incriminating Evidence

A more serious benefit to the cameras is the fact that they can be used as evidence if an accident on the road occurs. Nowadays, the relationship between car drivers and cyclists (and motorbike owners for that matter), is at an all-time low and every week we seem to read fresh stories about some sort of road rage. Unfortunately, the bike owner is rarely protected and even if a car is quite clearly trying to dominate the road, a lack of evidence means that it is very difficult to prove.

Naturally, a helmet camera resolves this and means that there is solid evidence whenever an incident occurs. There are also suspicions that drivers are becoming a lot more wary about how they treat people on bikes now, simply because so many have invested in these cameras and now have access to that crucial incriminating evidence.

Benefit #3 – The Life Saver

In the wake of Michael Schumacher’s recent injury, there has plenty been written in the media about his helmet camera. At the time of writing, we have no idea if it was switched on or not. However, in future incidents, the footage captured by the device could quite easily be lifesaving. If a medical team know the exact cause of an injury, it can prove much easier to treat.

Hiring space for studio photography

You may be having a problem getting money for your own office if you are starting your own photography business. Even if you do get an office it would be very difficult to get any extra space that you could use as a bona fide studio. You should look at the offers for photography studio Bristol that will not ruin your budget. If you are savvy and approach the issue properly, you will end up getting studio space without a lot of stress and without spending too much money.

Optional Studio Space

Sometimes, in an effort to save money, people decide to take their photographs outside. In this environment, one can get a lot of scenes that can be used for group and individual photos. However, this is not always feasible, especially when the weather is poor. If the photo shoot is supposed to be taken at a specific time and date, then this could really throw a spanner in the works. It is therefore advisable that you get a backup or alternative studio, which you can use whenever the weather turns on you.

Rent a Studio

For a small fee you can get a studio from groups that actually own photography studios Bristol for hire. This way, you will get the space for professional photo shoots, and you will be able to maintain your clientele. You should ask about the dimension of the studio that you hope to hire and also find out about the time that you will be allocated the studio for your own use. You should also ask about their lighting equipment since this is very important in photography. You can be assured of getting the best space as long as you follow these tenets when you are hiring a studio.

A Proficient Studio

In Bristol, you should visit MJM studios which are reputed to be the best that the city has to offer. MJM studios have two full size studios that they can hire out and these are well lit so that you can take professional shots of individuals or groups. Many people who have hired studio space from MJM have always given the studio positive reviews since they were always satisfied with the facilities provided. It is time that you also gave MJM studios a positive review. Call them and ask them about how they can help you in making your debut as a special and professional photographer.

When you have decided to start an ecommerce business, you should have completely understood that having a powerful website is a must. As you certainly have known, your website becomes a representation of your company and a media to interact with your customers. Since your website represents your company, the quality of your website shows the quality of your company. If your website looks professional and interesting, your website tells that your company is a professional company. Then, because your website is a media to interact with your customers, you need to make sure that your customers can easily use your website and reach you. This simply means that you have to have a website that is easy to use and have rich features. If you are able to have such website, you have better chances to make as many sales as possible.

 Freelance Website DesignerBecause creating a powerful website requires knowledge and skills, you are recommended to hire a website designer. In this case, you are advised to hire the best freelance website designer. There are two main reasons why you are offered such advice. The first reason is to get the best service. As you seemingly have realized, the best reputation is only given to a website designer that has an excellent track record. It has become a clear fact that excellent track record is shown by the number of satisfied clients. If a website designer can make all clients fully satisfied with the services, the designer usually will have excellent track record. This fact surely implies that hiring a website designer that has the best reputation enables you to receive satisfying services. Meaning to say, if you hire a website designer with the best reputation, you will have chances to get a powerful website.

Then, the second reason is chances to save money on website building services. As a business owner, you certainly have known the reasons why you need to save money on your business. Because you hire a freelancer, you will only need to pay for a service that you receive. If you do not use the service, you do not need to make a payment. This means that you do not need to waste your money. In short, hiring the best freelancer to design a website for your business is the right way to get a powerful website because such freelancer can give the best service and a powerful website at a low cost.

As the holidays are approaching, there’s a great way to add a bit of holiday flair to all of you home and business communications.  Whether you are creating a family newsletter, a holiday letter to send to family and friends, or a business flyer offering a holiday special choosing the right type of Holiday border paper can set off your design as well as make it more memorable to those that receive it.

Here are just a few advantages of using a holiday border paper for personal and business communications:

  • Using a holiday themed paper quickly and effectively makes any communication feel more festive.  That family newsletter will look and feel more like a Christmas newsletter when printed on a paper with a festive Christmas border.  No holiday letter to family and friends about the past year is complete without that special holiday touch, and a holiday paper achieves this effortlessly.  Even business communications seem much more festive and holiday specific when using a holiday printed paper.  Verses simple white paper and a printed boarder, holiday communications are received and enjoyed much more when they come printed on a holiday themed paper.
  • Using stationary or letterhead of any kind creates a distinguished or finished feel.  A business letterhead allows for quick recognition of your company name and logo as well as offers important contact information at a glance.  When using holiday themed letterhead for home of business you can create that same look with the added holiday touch.  Whether you choose to design a customized holiday letterhead or simply choose a pre-printed holiday paper you can quickly add a touch of fanfare to your communications during the holiday season.
  • Pre-printed holiday papers and holiday border papers allow for ease of use.  Simply replace standard white paper in your printer with the holiday paper and any letter, flyer, or memo you print will come out ready to go with a holiday theme.  You can quickly create numerous copies of family newsletters, family Christmas letters, or holiday business flyers through your standard printer or copier using pre-printed holiday designed papers.  In addition, you can pair holiday themed papers with coordinating holiday envelopes to add and even greater touch of holiday magic to all of your communications.

At home and at work, it’s fun to enjoy the holiday season in as many ways you can.  Whether it’s holiday decorations throughout the home and office or simply using a holiday themed paper for communications, it’s easy to see, when you want to add a little bit of holiday to your messages, consider using a pre-printed holiday paper.  It’s the fastest and easiest way to let others know you are enjoying the holiday season.