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As the holidays are approaching, there’s a great way to add a bit of holiday flair to all of you home and business communications.  Whether you are creating a family newsletter, a holiday letter to send to family and friends, or a business flyer offering a holiday special choosing the right type of Holiday border paper can set off your design as well as make it more memorable to those that receive it.

Here are just a few advantages of using a holiday border paper for personal and business communications:

  • Using a holiday themed paper quickly and effectively makes any communication feel more festive.  That family newsletter will look and feel more like a Christmas newsletter when printed on a paper with a festive Christmas border.  No holiday letter to family and friends about the past year is complete without that special holiday touch, and a holiday paper achieves this effortlessly.  Even business communications seem much more festive and holiday specific when using a holiday printed paper.  Verses simple white paper and a printed boarder, holiday communications are received and enjoyed much more when they come printed on a holiday themed paper.
  • Using stationary or letterhead of any kind creates a distinguished or finished feel.  A business letterhead allows for quick recognition of your company name and logo as well as offers important contact information at a glance.  When using holiday themed letterhead for home of business you can create that same look with the added holiday touch.  Whether you choose to design a customized holiday letterhead or simply choose a pre-printed holiday paper you can quickly add a touch of fanfare to your communications during the holiday season.
  • Pre-printed holiday papers and holiday border papers allow for ease of use.  Simply replace standard white paper in your printer with the holiday paper and any letter, flyer, or memo you print will come out ready to go with a holiday theme.  You can quickly create numerous copies of family newsletters, family Christmas letters, or holiday business flyers through your standard printer or copier using pre-printed holiday designed papers.  In addition, you can pair holiday themed papers with coordinating holiday envelopes to add and even greater touch of holiday magic to all of your communications.

At home and at work, it’s fun to enjoy the holiday season in as many ways you can.  Whether it’s holiday decorations throughout the home and office or simply using a holiday themed paper for communications, it’s easy to see, when you want to add a little bit of holiday to your messages, consider using a pre-printed holiday paper.  It’s the fastest and easiest way to let others know you are enjoying the holiday season.

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