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Different Formats For Television BroadcastingMovavi has been developing the video processing software for years now. It is one of the most trusted programs that guarantees good quality software and safety of payments on their website.

We all are aware that in different countries there is a different standard of analog television encoding. So if you want people from outside your country or in simpler words from overseas to watch your video you might have to do a little conversion. Say that you are a resident of the US and you record a video there using an NTSC recorder or camera. Now if you wish people in Australia, Europe to watch it, there might be a problem. They will be most likely won’t be able to watch the video on their VCRs.

NTSC or National Television system Committee is a color television standard for the United States, Canada, Japan, and the other countries of North and South of America and Asia. So the problem of people other than these places to not watch is also partly true for digital video. The DVD players that do not support that format might not be able to play the videos. The other widely used format is PAL or Phase Alternating Line. It is a format that is generally used in European and Asian countries. Almost the whole of Western Europe, Australia and some African countries, Asia and Southern America use this particular format.

To solve and fix the problem of varied formats and their incompatibility in the different countries, you shall need a software that will let you do conversion both ways. Movavi video converter has just what you need. It shall let you change the two formats between each other. You can choose the DVD-compatible video category from the Convert list once you have imported the file that you want to convert. You will see that there are presets available for PAL or NTSC from where you can choose. For detailed idea on this converter you can read www.movavi.com/support/how-to/how-to-convert-pal-to-ntsc.html.

If you wish to burn the file that you have converted immediately you can do it in Movavi itself. Once, you use the Movavi video converter you will realize how simply you can make, convert and even burn videos at one go.

A new format has also been introduced which goes by the name SECAM or sequential couleur avec memoire. It is French for Sequential color with memory. France had introduced it and now most of the countries such as Eastern Europe, Asian and even some African countries have started broadcasting through this format. Some countries even broadcast in two formats.

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