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Here's How to Get Inspired & Win Free Photography Prizes

Inspiration can strike a photographer at any moment. You may be taking a short walk through the neighborhood, only to find the sunlight shining down on a picturesque scene of children playing in the streets, compelling you to capture the scene of youthful gaiety. Or you could be strolling through the city and your eye is ensnared by a piece of street art missed by most, but easily put into focus with your camera’s zoom lens. Maybe you’re just at home, enjoying some much-needed solitude, only to find you’re not alone; a tiny spider is stringing itself down from the ceiling and you simply need to document this moment of nature’s subtle grace. Such moments of photographic inspiration come in many forms, and now you can share yours with the world.

A call to any and all photographers has been made by Henry’s, Canada’s premiere vendor (and expert) on all forms of digital photography, to share a particularly inspired photo with the world as part of the #InspiredByHenrys contest. Photographers can’t help but snap photos of scenes, objects, and persons that inspire them, so the task is pretty easy to accomplish. All it takes to enter the #InspiredByHenry’s contest is to take your inspired moment one step further, unveiling your photo to the world and sharing what piques your creativity.

The contest-process (how to share your photos) couldn’t be easier either. Once you have a picture in mind (and again, the image could be of anything so long as it’s your original work) simply head to Henry’s Facebook contest page, enter your name, post the photos with a title, and you’re done. Others have already entered, so to see what kind of photos have already been shared (and to check out the competition) head to the #InspiredByHenrys page here.

Anyone who’s snapping photos on the go can easily enter the contest too, without having to fill out the short Facebook info form. Take your photo, then when you’re going to share it on Instagram or Twitter (as you always do anyway) just use the #InspiredByHenrys hashtag and you’ll automatically be in the running.

If you’re more of a videographer than a photographer, you can still take part in the #InspiredByHenrys contest. In fact, an entire section of the contest is devoted to videos of inspired moments, with different prizes and everything. To enter, follow the same process as you would if you had a photo, so go over to the #InspiredByHenrys contest page, fill out your info, and include the URL of your video. Note that your video will need to be hosted on another site (YouTube is the easiest) to get a URL, so there is an extra step involved.

But what’s in it for you other than sharing your work with the world? Well, the winning photographer of the #InspiredByHenry’s contest will win a $1000 Nikon shopping spree, which you can spend on any of Henry’s digital cameras or gear. The winning video will also acquire an entire GoPro prize pack, including a GoPro HERO4 and tripod, among many other items, altogether worth over $750.

The #InspiredByHenry’s contest runs all throughout May, ending on the last day of the month. You’ll be able to enter photos and videos anytime until then. Now go get inspired!

Featured image courtesy of: Khánh Hmoong

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