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There was once a time when the only occasion you’d spot a helmet camera was on one of those David Attenborough-esque documentaries, which were trying to highlight something so specific that it was impossible to track via your standard equipment.

However, these cameras have developed significantly over the years and while we don’t have any statistics to hand, the automobile industry is now seemingly one of the biggest target markets for a lot of the manufacturers involved in producing this equipment.

As we’ll now decipher, there are a whole host of reasons why this is proving to be the case. The remainder of this guest contribution will now cipher through some of the main factors which are making helmet cameras the must-have item for the motorbike enthusiast.

Benefit #1 – The Video Blogging Potential

There was once a time where helmet cameras were simply used for one’s own bragging potential; i.e., you could take your bike to the middle of nowhere and film any exploits that you may get up to, before showcasing it to anyone who wanted to watch.

Nowadays, the situation has developed even more. Enthusiasts aren’t only showing a small group of friends, but they are potentially portraying it to the world and you only need to take a look at the best vlogs in the industry to realise this. This in itself has increased the popularity of helmet cameras, with some users having millions of views every month on their first-person motorbike videos.

Benefit #2 – Incriminating Evidence

A more serious benefit to the cameras is the fact that they can be used as evidence if an accident on the road occurs. Nowadays, the relationship between car drivers and cyclists (and motorbike owners for that matter), is at an all-time low and every week we seem to read fresh stories about some sort of road rage. Unfortunately, the bike owner is rarely protected and even if a car is quite clearly trying to dominate the road, a lack of evidence means that it is very difficult to prove.

Naturally, a helmet camera resolves this and means that there is solid evidence whenever an incident occurs. There are also suspicions that drivers are becoming a lot more wary about how they treat people on bikes now, simply because so many have invested in these cameras and now have access to that crucial incriminating evidence.

Benefit #3 – The Life Saver

In the wake of Michael Schumacher’s recent injury, there has plenty been written in the media about his helmet camera. At the time of writing, we have no idea if it was switched on or not. However, in future incidents, the footage captured by the device could quite easily be lifesaving. If a medical team know the exact cause of an injury, it can prove much easier to treat.

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